Performance Marketing

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CNQR Performance TV

Increase your overall Marketing / Sales ROI. With CNQR Performance TV we will push your Brand and Performance KPIs by combining our market-leading analytics tech stack with KPI-focused media. We analyze your target group & your competitors strategy, identify the perfect TV channel mix to reach your goals, support the creation of a powerful TV commercial and last but not least synchronize all with your Digital Campaign.

  • Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Brand and Perormance
  • Test and Scale Approach
  • High responsive Audience
  • Trackable


With applied marketing science and the most current tools we get your application maximum visibility to the potential users who are looking for you. Keep users engaged long after installs through optimized campaigns.
  • Chart positioning
  • Retention
  • Re-activation
  • Credibility
  • PR


Our experience with major ad networks allows for cost effective spending for you with RTB– giving you full command over your budgeted ad spend. Allocate money towards lookalike audiences who behave like your most engaged users to amplify results.

  • Retargeting
  • Acquisition
  • Retention


Meet potential customers the moment they are considering making a purchase. Through advanced insights and cross-channel targeting, we give you multiple opportunities along the funnel to convert consumers.

  • Prospecting
  • Targeting
  • Retargeting

Social media marketing

Social media has changed the way customers experience everything, from communication to purchasing. Acquire your customers during their path of discovery and retain them longer through engaging retargeting.

  • Retargeting
  • Acquisition
  • Retention

Digital Branding


Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Does your brand messaging make an impact? We ensure a consistent tone and theme across organizational channels that effectively communicates your product and offering to existing and potential customers.

  • Content Marketing
  • APP
  • Digital
  • PR

Brand Equity

Brand Equity

Gather the most meaningful feedback from your customers and fuel your advertising with relevant and useful content based on authentic user experiences. Strengthen your client relationships with targeted campaigns that speak their language.

  • Testimonials
  • CRM
  • Retargeting

Brand Research

Brand Research

What’s happening in the industry should impact how you develop your advertising. Through in- depth competitor research, we keep you one step ahead of the competition and prepare you for shifts in the digital landscape before they happen.

  • Analysis
  • Best Practices
  • Reporting


Classic Advertising


Our industry expertise in traditional advertising means you get the best of both worlds–dedicated digital strategy and top-notch experience with traditional media channels. While digital will continue to dominate, there are several non-tech related touchpoints that, when used effectively, can significantly improve your ROI.

  • TV
  • POS

Strategy & Planning

Understanding how well your targets respond to our blueprint is of paramount importance to us. We move forward with your company insight making sure your overall strategy is agile and can sustain small, calculated changes as we measure and track progress along the way.



Online devices are a mainstay in the offline world. We establish a collaborative effort between all of your channels to create a comprehensive, fluid ad system. Appeal to consumer behaviors no matter their medium by taking a holistic approach with your advertising.

  • Online and Offline Integrations